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    • Wireless LCD PSTN Alarm Systems SV-I2P
  • Date Posted: September 11, 2013
    Region: China»Guangdong
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    • Contact: David Deng
Network Linkage Mode: Telephone Network    
Alarm Mainframe
Number of Defense Area: 107 Number of Wired Defense Area: 8
Number of Wireless Defense Area: 99 Number of Keyboards Supported: 16
Defense Area Response Time: Immediately Number of Event Records: 40
Networking Mode: PSTN Defense Distribution Pattern: Intelligent
Common Norm
Operating Voltage: 50mA/15V Operating Current: ≤ 300mA/15V
Size: 54*34*34 / 10pcs Weight: 13KG
  Product Description  

Wireless LCD PSTN Alarm Systems

Model NO.: SV-II2P

Function Introduction:

1. An advanced and reliable communication technology, dialing alarm

2. 8 wired zones, 99 wireless defense zones.

3. Remote control intelligent code, up to 5 wireless remote controls.

4. LCD display, built-in calendar clock, operates easily.

5. Full voice prompts, installation setting and daily operation are more easily.

6. Built-in intercom speaker, can achieve duplex intercom function

7. Built-in wireless transmitter module, wireless siren and smart home system can be linked

8. Preset 2 groups timing arm and disarm time

9. Calls out up to 6 phone numbers to notify you of abnormal conditions

10. Call out up to 2 phone numbers to notify the receiving alarm center.

11. 10 seconds artificially recording message

12. Built-in digital voice, voice broadcast alarm situation automatically

13. All arm and disarm function could be realized by one key

14. Multiple defense zones including instant, delay, 24 hours, bypass

15. Wireless coding: adding new accessories convenient, safe and efficient

16. Remote control: host arm, disarm, monitor, intercom, on / off alarm function

17. 40 alarm events can be recorded

18. Multiple arming modes such as timely arm by remote control, out arm delay by keypad etc.

19. Built-in AAA NI-MH rechargeable battery pack, power off alarm

20. Compatible with internationally accepted protocol Alarm Center: stability treasure Contact ID alarm communication protocol.

Email: snov@snov-globalsecurity.com
Skype: Alarm-SNOV

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  • Guangdong, China   
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