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    • Rolla Tripod Turnstile/RNCF338/358/338J
  • Date Posted: January 10, 2013
    Region: China»
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Type(Standing Three Rollers Gate/Bridge Three Rollers Gate): Standing Tripod Turnstile Gate Traffic Flow: 30 people/minute
Barrier Height: 500mm Channel Width: 550MM
Number of Times of Trouble-Free Operation on Average: 3,000,000 times    
Common Norm
Operating Voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ±10% Working Temperature: 10℃~70℃
Operating Humidity: ≤90%, no condensation Size: 1200*280*1000mm
  Product Description  

Made of 304#SS, nice and elegant shape, durable, anti-rusty. Provide orderly passage to people, anti-illegal entry or exit, smooth operation, low noise. Arm drops off in any case of emergencies.
This equipment is integrated with mechanism, electric and micro-controller and various kinds of identification technologies. Standard input and output interfaces, it is best choice for system integrators. Compatible with Mifare card, 125KHZ card, barcode and fingerprint reader and so on.
Casing: stainless steel
work voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ±10%
Core: DC24V solenoid valve
Size: 1200*280*1000mm
Arm length: 500mm
Max bearing force : 80KG
Max lane width: 550MM
Rotation direction for arm: left or right, or bi-directional
Led direction indicator
Card reading window: standard or customized
Work environment: indoor or outdoor, 10℃~70℃ , relative humidity: :≤90%, no condensation
Barrier open time: 0.2s
Transit speed: 30 people/minute
Emergency : auto drop for arm
Normal work life: 3,000,000 times
Communication interface: RS 485, distance ≤1200m
Input interface: relay switch signal, 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal, pulse width>100ms,drive current

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