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    • ASC-ME24(Controller Board )
  • Date Posted: October 23, 2011
    Region: China»
    Industry: Access Control Product»

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    • Contact: Bin Zhao
  Product Description  


Product Name, One door / two -door controller

Control Mode, one-door two-way or two-door one-way

Processor: ATMEGA64

Controller address: 0-128

Reader interface: Wiegand 26/34, self-defined Wiegand interface

Reader connectible x 2

Card capacity: 20,000 pieces

Event record: 50,000 pieces

Alarm record: 20,000 pieces

Exit button connectible x 2

Output electric lock: 2 groups

Input port: 2 reader 8 input interface

Output port: 6 extension board

Extension board: support (connect with a 4 group extension board)

Communication: Interface, RS 232, 485

Transmission rate: 9,600/19,200bps

Network distance: 1,200m

Working voltage: 9 to 15V DC

Working temperature: -10 to 55 degrees Celsius

Working humidity: 10 to 90%

Anti-static interference: ≥15kV

Data save mode: flash, power-down save 20 years

Product size: 160 x 130 x 15mm

Supplier Details
  • Anson (shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd
  • Contact:  Bin Zhao
  • Location:  Room 606, Jian Xing Building No.2, Cha Guang Industrial Park, Sha He West Road, Xi Li, Nan Shan, Shen Zhen, China
  • China   
  • Phone:  (86)755-89959665
  • Fax:  (86)755-84162959
  • Website:  www.ansoncorp.com

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