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    • Ultra Slim Car Flip Down Monitor , Dual IR TFT LED Overhead Monitors
  • Date Posted: April 27, 2016
    Region: China»Guangdong
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    • Contact: Tyson Luo
  Product Description  

Ultra Slim Car Flip Down Monitor , Dual IR TFT LED Overhead Monitors

11.6 Inch Ultra Slim Dual IR TFT LED Overhead Monitors / Car Flip Down Monitor With OSD Menu

1)11.6" digital panel,high resolution(Roof Mount Monitor)
2)Semiautomatic fall down model,the monitor can come down smoothly
3)Super slim design
5)Display Mode: 16:9 wide view angle
6)With OSD menu,Multi-language support
7)Dual IR transmitter(optional)
8)With two way Video Input
9)Built-in LED Dome Light
10)Full function with remote control
11)Power Supply:DC 12V
12)3 colors available:Beige,Black,Grey

Wide-Screen 11.6-inch Monitor Is Like Having a Mini Home Theater in Your Backseat
The monitor features a large 11.6-inch TFT-LCD flip-down monitor,and a brilliant 14400 x 900 screen resolution. Designed with the latest media technology in mind, you can enjoy a wide array of entertainment on its high-resolution monitor from almost any source!

Find out how our RCA connectors work

With DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, and MP3 playback, you can watch movies and listen to music recorded right off your computer -- and with DivX support, you can enjoy your recorded movies in one of the highest-quality video formats available.

SD Card/USB slot lets you play movies and music right from your computer SD Card and USB Drive Support
The monitor supports SD cards and USB flash drives, so you can quickly load music and movies from your computer or other devices onto your card and play them back with ease. Just insert the card into the SD slot and you’ll have access to a wealth of entertainment options, all on one tiny disk.

More Ways to Listen to Your Player

FM Transmitter

You can use your car’s audio system with the player without the hassle of installation. With the built-in FM transmitter, all you need to do is tune to a radio station, and your entire vehicle can enjoy what’s being played.

IR Transmitter

The PLRD175IF also has a built-in IR transmitter, which lets you watch movies with IR-compatible wireless headphones -- so everyone can enjoy the ride in peace and quiet.

Multiple RCA Connectors Let You Create a Mobile Entertainment System
The monitor comes with two video inputs, one set of stereo audio inputs, and a video and stereo output. The extra video input cable lets you use your in-dash DVD player to play movies through the monitor, so the entire vehicle can watch the same movie, while audio is played through the vehicle's speakers. You can also connect a videogame console, iPod, or Blu-ray Player -- anything that uses composite video -- to the player at the same time. You can also directly connect your player to the car’s audio equipment using the audio output cables, and the video output cable lets you hook up an extra monitor to the player.

And More!

Built-in Dome Lights

Whether you’re travelling through a dark tunnel or on the road at night, the PLRD175IF's powerful dome lights help you find and load movies easily with just a click of the button.

Anti-Skip Mechanism

The monitor also features anti-skip technology, helping to ensure your movie plays smoothly even on the roughest roads.

Last Position Memory

With last position memory, you don’t need to scroll through the entire movie to locate the last scene you were watching. Simply turn on the monitor, and you’ll be returned to where you last left off.

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Product Description

This roof-mount TFT LCD monitor has everything you need to keep the back seat occupied The 11.6" widescreen monitor is brilliant, boasting a 500:1 contrast ratio and 1440 x 900 resolution. To watch a DVD, simply insert it in the slot. This unit can play DVDs, CD, CD-R, MP3 CD and SD cards, and the RCA inputs let you attach another device, like an iPod or a video game console. It’s equipped with a built in FM Transmitter for crystal-clear sound through your existing FM Stereo, or use wireless IR headphones. The anti-skip mechanism helps you through those bumpy trips, and last position memory lets you pick up right where you left off. Control using the front push button controls or the fully functional wireless remote control. The overhead console has twin dome LED lights for needed illumination. Includes mounting hardware and installation instructions.

CARAVAN is our registered brand in China and other countries. The brand consists of three parts: CAR AV AN.It indicates that this is an audio/video system in car. We are a leading manufacturer for IN CAR ENTERTAINEMNT products in China. CARAVAN is a fashion, technology leading brand for younger in the world.

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  • Guangdong, China   
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