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Product Abstract:

Wireless Alarm System GSM Home Automation Alarm Security System APP Program

Product Description

GSM Alarm System With Home Appliance Control

Brief Introduction
This is a new GSM Quad-band alarm system, support voice prompt, and SMS commands/Phone call remote setting. The features are as follows:
* English voice prompt
* Support 99 remote controllers, compatible with 1527 / 2262 programmable code
* 96 wireless and 3 wired defense zones, each of which can be programmed and edited alarm message content independently
* 96 wireless defense zone supports low-power and tamper alarm with SMS other than phone call and siren
* Can be set 5 alarm phone numbers and 5 alarm SMS-receiving numbers
* One relay linked with main unit to arm/disarm operation; one replay can be remotely controlled and set by SMS
*Support checking the power of the main unit and SMS prompt when power is charged on/off
* System parameters can be set by SMS/Phone call DTMF
* Support main unit tamper and RF wireless transmitting function
* 10s voice record, automatically display when answering the alarm call
* Please refer to the specific description for parameter setting

GSM quad-bands, can be used all over the world.
Full duplex communication with the base.
Monitor environment on the spot.
Voice and message alert.

Set alarm ON or OFF by remote controller.
Call in to set alarm ON, OFF, Monitor, Output.
Send SMS to set alarm ON, OFF, Monitor, Output.

5 group phone room number.
1 group alarm monitor center phone.
2 group phone to report alarm and non-alarm status.

Can program 7 group alarm messages.
3 zones for wired detector.
16 zones for wireless detector.

Easily set ON or OFF for every wire or wireless detector.
1 relay output to power on camera when alarm.
2 output for home appliances connection (lamp, cooker, air condition).
SMS inform for external power failure or recovery.

9. Operating Voltage: DC 12V
10. Static Current: ≤ 20 mA
11. Alarm Current: ≤ 400mA
12. Wireless Frequency: 315/433/868± 0.5MHz
13. Anti-interference: 1V/m(frequency: 20-1000 MHz)
14. GSM frequency: 900/1800MHz
15. Outer Alarm siren volume: 110dB
16. Working condition: Temperature: -10º ~40ordm
17. Humidity: ≤ 90%
18. Capacity for wireless device: 10PCS
19. Wired device: 3PCS
20. Weight: 1.3Kg/set
21. Size: 170*112*28 mm

Standard kits:

1 main panel,
1 wireless PIR detector,
1 wireless door sensor,
1 siren, 2 remote controllers,
1 power supply,
1 manual

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