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Date:  2020-03-26
  • Dahua Overseas Temperature Measurement Market Layout: Integrating Upstream and Downstream Industry Chains to Meet Market Demand

1. What’s Dahua’s Opinion on overseas epidemic prevention market? Current or upcoming development strategy of overseas epidemic prevention markets is? Is there any changes in Dahua’s upcoming strategy and layout?

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in South Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, and other parts of the world, fighting the pandemic has been a global duty. Based on the opinions of medical experts in both China and abroad, the pandemic will still impact the global activities. Dahua Technology has actively participated in the early stage of the domestic anti-pandemic measures and accumulated a lot of valuable experience. In various countries and regions of the world, we will assist local users to use human body temperature measurement technology based on local situations to better prevent the COVID-19 and safeguard the public health.

2. On the basis of the local situation of each country, what’s the demand difference between home and abroad market? The challenges and opportunities on the supply and demand sides are?

At present, the development of pandemic situation in different countries is at different stages. In regions with severe pandemic situation, human body temperature measuring of all people coming in and out is required for public places with concentrated crowds, which includes stations, airports and other transport hubs, as well as supermarkets, office buildings, etc. For regions in the early stage of the pandemic, such as Africa and Latin America, the current demand mainly comes from airports and other places. In addition, due to different geographical environment, climate and other conditions in various countries, the human body temperature measurement technology will also be adjusted according to the local conditions. Generally speaking, the human body temperature measurement market around the world is still in short supply. However, with the gradual resumption of work and manufacturing in domestic thermal imaging temperature measurement industry chain, the discrepancy between supply and demand will be greatly alleviated.

3. Which area is the main application of temperature measurement products in overseas market? Are there any temperature measurement products / solutions researched and developed specifically for overseas markets? The mainstream application scenarios is? Can you tell us more about how they work?

Based on the overall situation overseas, the application of temperature measurement is still mainly focused on transportation hubs, airports, railway stations, subways with large flow of people, as well as financial institutions, commercial complexes and schools. Dahua Technology will provide a customized temperature measurement solution according to the climate and environment of each region, as well as their different data application requirements.

Our High Accuracy Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution is based on the infrared radiation energy detection ability of the thermal imaging camera. The temperature of the human body is measured by different energy intensities, and the blackbody is used as the standard temperature source to correct the temperature measurement accuracy in real time, ensuring that the accuracy is kept within ±0.3.

4. What’s the current overseas sales and supply situation of temperature measurement products of Dahua? Are there any changes of the supply and prices of raw materials in global scale? How will it affect our products?

Due to the successive outbreaks of the pandemic in various countries around the world, the entire thermal imaging human body temperature measurement market is in great demand. At present, Dahua Technology integrates the supply capacity of its upstream and downstream segments to meet customers’ product requirements in the shortest time, aiding pandemic prevention and control of affected countries. In terms of price, the whole thermal imaging industry chain in China has been quite mature. With the gradual control of the pandemic locally, the resumption of production is being carried out in an orderly manner, and the supply and price of raw materials for thermal imaging products will continue to remain stable.

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