Ethernet virtual loop (EVL) technology uses a single IP address to talk to multiple control panels, making installation fast and simple. This simpler installation process, which allows installers use their customers’ existing local area networks (LAN) with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), eliminates the requirement to run a dedicated wire loop to each control panel providing added cost benefits to the end user.

“Running wire takes time and money, so being able to use an existing LAN greatly reduces time and costs for both the installer and the end-user,” said Daniel Wan, UK Channel Marketing Director.

Netaxs-123 control panels drive down costs by eliminating the need for multiple cables to be installed and run from a distant location. The new control panels provide a streamlined solution allowing cables to be installed just a few feet from the control panel for the lock, reader, egress and door contact. This results in lower installation costs and faster install times.

With multiple enclosure options available, businesses are able to select features and capabilities that best suit their business needs. Netaxs-123 also offers the scalability to easily and affordably expand the system one door at a time allowing businesses to upgrade their access control system and add additional features as and when required.

Through EVL and the LAN, there is no longer a need to configure each Netaxs-123 control panel individually. Instead the control panels are automatically discovered and linked together. As a result, multiple Netaxs-123 panels can be connected seamlessly and updates can be issued automatically to the entire system, such as access card additions and rule changes providing business with a simpler security system.