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Date:  2014-07-23
  • ZKTeco access control management for fitness centre in Spain

It is important to know who comes in and out of the facility on a day to day basis. In a fitness room, hundreds of people walk in and out. In order to know clients better and their general habits, it is essential to keep track of their records with Access Control. Access Control guarantees the safety of the clients and also identifies their daily habit which is convenient to both parties.

A fitness center in Spain has installed ZKTecofingerprint access control TF1700 to control traffic flow and manage members. For instance, a gym member may be permitted to use the gymnasium from 3pm to 8pm; he or she will only have access during that specific period of time. When this is done, it controls the traffic and avoids overdose of people. Access can be limited to days, week, and months, this can also be a handy method to the user, by paying hourly and only on specific days, and the client can avoid paying the full gym membership.

The TF1700 is connected with an online software which contains real time solution management, this means that all the client's information will be uploaded within the system making registration much more efficient, this saves time because the customer does not need to carry an card and can access solely by fingerprint verification. Not only this, but it is also beneficial to the fitness center since the membership management will be much more convenient; all the information and records can be processed via the software. Overall, this solution optimized traffic and is one of the most optimal solutions for a fitness centre.

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